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Newsletter Friday 5th July 2024

Dear Parents and Carers,


It might be raining outside but there is plenty of sunshine in Betty Layward. Lavender class performed an amazing assembly about seasons this week. They had clear voices and also sang beautifully. Well done Lavender class. It was excellent.


Nursery were visited by a variety of animals this week and had a lovely time learning all about them.


The children loved the silent disco and it was great to see them having so much fun. They danced the afternoon away and smiled all the way through.

Thank you for attending your parents and carers meeting yesterday. It was lovely to see you there and for you to get the chance to hear how great your children are. We are so proud of them.


We are constantly talking to the children about kindness and mutual respect and as part of this we are always looking for ways that we can contribute to building an anti-racist community. Understanding racism is a learning journey for adults and children alike. No one is expected to know all the answers. Reflection and eagerness to learn are key to examining preconceptions. We know it is important to speak openly and positively about race, have regular discussions about racism and to acknowledge how race and racism impact different people’s experiences of life. It is important to recognise that systemic racism exists. Racism is more than name calling. It can be seen all around us, from beauty standards to the visibility and depiction of people in everyday society. It also affects the way people live, from the jobs they can get to their personal well-being and sense of safety.


Increasing equity helps us create and children to become the leaders of tomorrow. For example, studies show that pupils who attended more diverse learning environments exhibited greater improvements in their leadership skills. 

Increased equity is linked to superior learning outcomes and performance on exams. For example, research shows that when racial segregation in school decreases, so do performance gaps on SATs, which shrank by as much as a quarter in one study. 

It has also been noted that students who interact with a more diverse peer group and learn in a more inclusive environment are less likely to hold biased or prejudicial views later in life, contributing to a fairer and more tolerant society. 

We ensure that children feel heard, supported, and included, as this enables them to be more engaged in the learning process.


We talk to children about racism and are empowering children to take actions in their everyday life to be ant-racist –

Children can practice anti-racism by:

  • Naming any experiences they have had and voicing their concerns and feelings to others. We encourage all children to have a voice.
  • Telling a teacher or adult when they experience or witness racism
  • Supporting their friends who say they have experienced racism or bullying
  • Actively listening to their experiences
  • Accepting that they might not understand what it feels like, but can try to imagine and build empathy
  • Using their own voice to express their own feelings and to make other people listen to their friends
  • Not speaking for them or making the situation about themselves
  • Think about how their friend might feel and supporting their wellbeing


We positively acknowledge questions about race and racism. Even if the question is a difficult one to address, encouraging the children to be confident enough to ask questions is important. We listen and encourage an environment of active listening where people can share safely, and our children listen and reflect on what others say. Betty Layward is a place where we want children to develop a love of learning and are prepared for life, where they make friends and learn life skills, where they feel safe and happy, and where there is zero tolerance for racism. I am proud of the children at Betty Layward as the majority do let us know how they feel when something is not okay and they do tell other children how incidents make them feel. We will continue to allow our children to speak out, have a voice and be celebrated.


We have our Eid celebration after school on Wednesday 10th June. Thank you to those of you who have already offered donations or help. Any donations and help are welcome. This is a lovely event which the whole community really enjoys and the food is incredibly delicious.


The Summer Fair is very soon and it taking place on Saturday 13th July. We still need volunteers. Please sign up if you would like to help. You can sign up online. We do really need as much help as possible and this is a great event for our children as well as other families and people in the community. We will be having an Own Clothes Day for the children on Friday 12th July. The children can wear their own clothes and we ask in return that they bring in a donation of chocolates, alcohol, unused toiletries or unused toys. If you have any larger raffle prizes or work for or know a company who would like to donate one please can you bring them in. We are really grateful for any donations. Fingers cross the sun shines as I know it is going to be a great day.


Have a lovely weekend,







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