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Newsletter Friday 24th February 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,


It has been lovely seeing you after the half term break. I hope you had a good week.

We had a cake sale before we finished last term and raised £790 which was match funded so in total we raised £1580. This money will go to the charity Thank you for supporting us with this. It means a lot and every penny really does make a difference.


Please remember we have the jumble sale on Saturday March 11th. Information will be sent out soon. I hope some of you are able to volunteer and help.

We are really proud of Aranea in Year 6.  We knew she had been a finalist in the Greenpeace poem competition. Over 2700 children entered. This week we found out that she won. Well done Aranea.  It is a wonderful poem and here it is –

Morning in the forest

By Aranea
Category 7-11

I like to sit under the tree canopy
At sunrise
Bark against my back.

I look up and see the branches
Flying off in every direction
Into the blue

And the first light sitting on the patient leaves
Underneath me the roots
Run deep in the wise old earth

I imagine the fields
Gazing at the sky
Waiting for the sun to rise

The flowers dance and laugh
In a light-hearted breeze
I wish this would last forever.


Online safety is a really important topic and one we need to be thinking about and remembering for our children at all times. I think it is easy to think that we are all okay and know all about it when the reality is we don’t. There is a very informative documentary/film all about this and I recommend you watch it. It is called Childhood 2.0. Here is the information Please watch it and see the risks of being online. There is more out there than a lot of people realise. Please take the time to look at it as it is eye opening.


There is a teacher’s strike on Thursday 2nd March. Unless things change before then we will be closed. I am sorry about the inconvenience and I thank you again for all your support. We have moved World Book Day to Friday 3rd March and the children can come to school dressed as a book character. Please ensure that they can go to the loo easily and sit down easily in their costumes. We look forward to seeing them and thank you for completing the survey about your favourite book. We will enjoy sharing some of them with the children.


Thank you to those of you who have downloaded the Arbor app and logged in. We are in the process of getting it all set up. If you are having any issues please let us know.


I hope you have a lovely weekend,




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