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Newsletter Friday 15th March 2024

Dear Parents and Carers,


Thank you for all your support with the jumble sale. We raised an amazing £3900. Thank you for all your donations, support and time. I am so impressed with how well the PTFA are doing and thank you so much for all the amazing fundraising. It means a lot to us and to the children. It makes a real difference. Dining with Damian has been postponed to the summer so we will have it outside and it is something to look forward to. The Team Betty t-shirts have currently sold out and they will be available. Please also follow Team Betty (PTFA) on Instagram – TeambettyPTFA.


Chilli class performed an amazing class assembly on William Shakespeare this week. They were brilliant. They shared a lot of facts about him and his work. They were confident, clear and just amazing. Well done Chilli class.


Thank you for signing up for your Parent’s meeting. The school will close at 1pm on Thursday 28th March and the meetings will start shortly after. This is also the last day of term.

There is a creche for children if you need it during your appointment time. This is not for the whole afternoon. JAGS will be here from 1pm so you can book a spot with them if you need it.


Jojo, a year 4 child, won Headteacher of the Day at the auction and carried out his duties yesterday. He was amazing. He led assembly, gave out gold certificates and was on playground duty. Well done Jojo. What an excellent Headteacher you are. I have attached a photo.


20p day will happen in July. This is when we ask the children to fundraise. We ask the children to find as many ways as they can to collect 20ps and then bring them into school in July. The class that raises the most wins £20 to spend as they choose. We have also said there will be a surprise treat for that class too. Thank you for supporting this.


Our Eco-committee received a grant of £250 for plants and had a lovely time buying plants this week. These will be put in classrooms and around school as we all benefit from having plants around us. Well done to the Eco- committee. You can see them with their plants in the photo attached.


A neighbour has come in and complained about children dropping litter in the gardens next to the school. Please can you ensure that they do not do this. Please can I also ask you to not stand at the main entrance and block it when children are still trying to enter. We have also started walking around the school so please come in through the main entrance and out through the car park entrance. Thank you for supporting us with this.


Have a lovely weekend,



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