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Newsletter Friday 10th November 2023

Dear Parents and Carers,


We have had a great week. Fuchsia class performed a wonderful assembly on Wednesday all about the Romans. It was brilliant. Well done Fuchsia class.

Thank you for attending parent and carers meetings yesterday. It was great to see you and for us to share how well your child/ren are doing. We are really proud of them and thank you for all your support.


Please remember to look at our knowledge organisers on the website. We have created Knowledge Organisers for our curriculum outlining the vocabulary and crucial knowledge that the children will be taught in each subject at different points in the school year. The Knowledge Organisers have been designed to help support teachers, children, parents and carers to build their knowledge in each curriculum area year after year. This in turn helps the children to make a permanent change to their long-term memory, which is where learning takes place. Please take a look at them on our website -


Buttercup class were lucky and won the draw last week to watch the training sessions for the Billie Jean King Tennis Cup at the Copper Box. They had a great time and this was a lovely opportunity for them all. One of our children drew out the name of the Great Britain player who will be in the play offs tomorrow.


It is Diwali on Sunday and all the children are having Diwali dance workshops next week. This class-by-class workshop introduces the topic of Diwali while creating a link between dance and storytelling. The children explore the story and characters of The Ramayana through movement, creating a 2 minute dance which they will perform to their teacher at the end of the session.


Please can I ask that you do not bring drinks into school and especially not into assemblies or performances. This is all drinks, including hot drinks with a lid. Thank you.


If your child has an appointment during the school day we cannot authorise this without proof of the appointment. This could be a letter or a screenshot of the text. Please email these to Max or myself.


You will have received the information about Christmas cards today. Please order by 20th November. The PTFA online AGM is on Wednesday 15th November at 5pm to 6pm. The link will be sent to you via text and we look forward to seeing you there.

Wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous Diwali. Have a lovely weekend,




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